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Supporting Startups & CEOs on their road to success

We Provide our Portfolio Companies with
the Following Services

Strategic Consulting

Go-to-Market / Product-Market-Fit / Growth / Finance / Management / etc. 

Fundraising + M&A

Investment readiness and strategy / structure the round / Go-To-M&A / etc.

Special Situations

Pivot / Co-Founder Communications / Crisis Management / Restructuring / etc.

The CEO Trust Person

As a CEO, you face high levels of responsibility and pressure to drive the company's success.

However, despite having partners, employees and advisors, most CEOs feel lonely and isolated with no one to turn to for honest feedback and advice. 


This is where we come in. Leveraging our first-hand experience and expertise, we offer an holistic approach to support CEOs in all areas of their business, from strategy and operations to finance and leadership.


Our goal is to help the CEO think and act like an experienced CEO, and provide the needed guidance and support.

By asking the tough questions and providing an outside perspective, we challenge assumptions and provide a sounding board for the CEO, knowing that they have a trusted advisor by their side. 

Marathon Runners

Spire's Portfolio Achievements


Capital raised

5 Exits

3 successful acquisitions

+ 2 Nasdaq traded


Employees were hired to our portfolio companies


Average increase in company valuation

The right CEO can make all the difference

While there are many experienced consultants out there, they often specialize in specific areas such as marketing, HR, or tech.

Each one of them focuses only on their area of expertise, whereas a CEO needs to see the big picture and understand how each decision affects the entire organization.


At Spire, we recognize that the CEO is the core system of the company, and we work together to develop a holistic perspective that encompasses all aspects of the business.

By providing tailored guidance and support, we enable CEOs to make more informed decisions that drive success and gain an unfair advantage in their industry


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With years of experience helping companies navigate the complex world of startups, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We've ‘been there and done that’, and we understand the challenges that come with running and growing a successful business.


Our approach is simple: whatever it takes to help our clients succeed. We work tirelessly to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions to help them achieve their goals

  • 30 years of experience in tech and management

  • Founder and CEO: PowerDsine Ltd; Grew the company to a successful IPO and acquisition 

  • Expertise in business management, leadership, product development, financial strategy, and operations.

  • Working with startup's CEOs, VCs and PEs for the last 15 years

  • Awards: Israel Defence Award and Ernst & Young "Israeli Entrepreneur of the Year" (2005).

  •  years of experience in the local high-tech eco-system as a founder, consultant, and mentor

  • Works with companies & CEOs in a wide range of fields to tackle challenges at every stage of development.

  • Lior's expertise includes finding Product-Market-Fit, generating growth, and preparing companies to raise capital.

  • With a passion for business and technology, and a wide network of connections, Lior can create new opportunities & value for the companies he works with.

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